Words from Heidi

"In my dances the neatness of minimalist art meets the messiness of life. Simple structures, when filled with human bodies moving, create meaning.

My dances are meant to be seen close, the performers touch and sweat and see into each other’s eyes. The movement is effortful. These dances are real: messy, emotional, highly structured, single minded, fluid, quiet, and virtuosic."

Heidi Henderson
Choreographer & Artistic Director of Elephant Jane Dance, Artist Statement

Words from others

Elsewhere: Heidi Henderson in conversation with Kinebago’s Sara Smith

Movement Research Critical Correspondence
Interview with Heidi
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"Henderson looks like a character out of a deadpan Roz Chast cartoon. Her limbs are like pipe cleaners and seem to have been attached to her shoulders and pelvis by pure accident. She dances with earnest concentration, a wry contrast to some lush Schubert songs, and makes her way across the stage with pulled up steps as if she were traversing a vat of jello."

The Boston Globe
Review of Egg Solo Number 2

"This is a dance that can only have been made by a grown up."

Maura Keefe
Scholar-in-Residence at Jacob’s Pillow, on "Pine."

"…sincerity and courage to explore the boundaries of contemporary dance. Her choreography has a sense of flow and momentum that appear natural and uncontrived, and allows each movement idea to have a depth of intention and psychological resonance."

Gaelen Hanson
Choreographer for 33 Fainting Spells, Reviewing work for RISCA grant

"I thought Heidi Henderson was a very interesting performer. When she dances, she is, for lack of a better word, abrasive, but she also seems physically free. She typically likes to truly feel each individual movement, and that is very apparent in the way she performs. It’s not just a series of movements and going through the motions, it’s a complete physical embodiment of the good emotions and feelings that she‘s channeling."

UVM student
after seeing "Pine" and "Imagine us in silver." at the Flynn Space, VT